Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Noteworthy Reads: DENNY THE DENT - 5 Tales of Street Justice by Thomas Pluck

For regular followers of this blog, you'll remember I did a long interview here with Thomas Pluck  back in November of 2012. I warned everybody then to keep an eye peeled for this guy. Subsequently, he published his first novel, BLADE OF DISHONOR, and I covered it here, too. Now, in addition to editing the popular PROTECTORS charity anthology for and his continuing output of short stories for various publications, he has released a collection of shorts featuring his protagonist, Danny the Dent.

For starters, Denny the Dent is one of the most original characters I've read in over five decades of devouring crime/mystery fiction. What's more, while some writers who strive mightily to make their protagonist somehow unique and memorable too often forget the basics of good writing and/or simply telling a good story, author Pluck's writing talent is more than up to the task.

Each of the five tales contained in this collection are complete in and of themselves. But, at the same time, Pluck skillfully layers in scenes that tell more and more of Denny's backstory, gradually bringing into sharper focus this deformed, tormented hulk who dishes out his brand of street justice by means of violent acts that may take your breath away yet is filled to overflowing with so much compassion for the vulnerable and abused it'll break your heart.

Pluck often describes his writing as: "Unflinching fiction with heart." That has never been more in evidence than in this collection.

If you're unfamiliar with the Pluck byline, for crying out loud correct that as soon as possible! In addition to DENNY THE DENT, his first novel, BLADE OF DISHONOR, is available through various outlets and his next, BURY THE HATCHET, is due out soon.
I highly recommend DENNY THE DENT, as well as anything else you can find by this author.

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