Friday, June 10, 2011

DISMAL RIVER - Now Avaialble Bookstores/Amazon

            As a follow-up to the video promo I posted a few days ago, I am pleased to announce that my new novel, DISMAL RIVER is now out from Oak Tree Press. It is my first (but definitely not last) Western, and I am pretty pleased with it. I naturally hope readers will check it out and that they will like it too.
            It should already—or soon—be available in bookstores. And, as per the attached link, it can also be found on Amazon. It is appearing first as a trade paperback and will shortly be available in eBook format as well.
            I want to publicly thank all the fine writers who took time from their busy schedules to read advances of this book and were kind enough to provide complimentary blurbs. They are: James Reasoner; L.J. Washburn; Bill Crider; Peter Brandvold; Edward A. Grainger; C.K. Crigger; John R. Lindermuth; and Michael A. Black. The trail to getting DISMAL RIVER published was a rocky one at times, but the encouraging words from good folks like these made the journey a lot smoother.

            Like I always say, the name of the game is to …
            Persevere — WD

Monday, June 6, 2011


Here is a video promo that my grandson Billy Wayne made for my new novel, DISMAL RIVER. It may not be a totally slick professional job, but I think the kid did a pretty darn good job on it and I'm proud to present it.
Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do ... And, obviously, I hope you enjoy the book too.

Persevere --- WD

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was surprised, pleased, and very honored to receive the following news in my e-mail yesterday morning. My thanks to the good folks at Western Fictioneers and my sincere congratulations to the other fine writers who were also recognized this year.
I am just getting my boot in the stirrup as far as writing in the Western genre and this sure makes me feel like I have started on a good trail.

There will be no awards ceremony in North Dakota as previously announced.  Instead, the winners and finalists for the 2010 Peacemaker are listed below:
Best Short Story
Wayne Dundee, “This Old Star” from the anthology Bad Cop…No Donut (Padwolf Publishing)
Carol Crigger, “Left Behind” from the anthology Roundup! Great Stories of the West (La Frontera Publishing
C. Courtney Joyner , “Two-Bit Kill” from the anthology Law of the Gun (Kensington)
Matthew P. Mayo, “Scourge of Spoils” from the anthology Steampunk’d (DAW Books, Inc.)
Pete Peterson, “Catch a Killer by the Toe” published by Untreed Reads

Best Novel
Lyle Brandt (winner), Manhunt (Berkley)
Lyle Brandt, Avenging Angels (Berkley)
D.H. Eraldi, Settler’s Chase (Berkley)
Dusty Richards, Wulf’s Tracks (Berkley)
Kit Prate, Long Ride to Limbo -- Western Trail Blazer (an imprint of
Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery)
S. Craig Zahler, Congregation of Jackals (Dorchester Publishing)

Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists. Awards will be mailed to the recipients.

Western Fictioneers (WF) was formed in 2010 by Robert J. Randisi, James Reasoner, Frank Roderus, and other professional Western writers, to preserve, honor, and promote traditional Western writing in the 21st century.  Entries were accepted in both print and electronic forms from all over the world.  The Peacemaker Awards will be given out annually.  Submissions for the 2011 awards will be open in July, 2011. Submission guidelines will be posted on the WF web site.  For more information about Western Fictioneers (WF) please visit: or