Thursday, March 6, 2014

Available Now: STARLESS MIDNIGHT (a Noir Thriller by some guy named Dundee)

Live on Amazon Kindle today is my new stand-alone short – a quick, nasty little tale of greed, desire, deception, duplicity, and murder.
As the sales copy says:

Chance Smith was an ex cop who had traded the world of crime and other people's trouble for a quiet life of semi-retirement in a remote corner of Nebraska's panhandle … or so he thought.
Then came the stormy night when he was driving home on a lonely stretch of narrow highway and the nearly-naked, startlingly beautiful woman he would come to know as Esmerelda Barkley sprang from out of the ditch to flag him down. She told a tale of domestic strife that sounded more embarrassing than threatening. Smith gave her a lift to shelter and thought that was the end of it, once again shedding himself of other people's trouble.
The tragic and sensational double murder that took place later that night, however, made it impossible for him to stay out of it. But the good news about the bad news—maybe—was that part of staying involved also meant additional time spent with the mesmerizing widow, Esmerelda …

I know, I know, I'm the guy who's been bitching and bellyaching over the past couple of years about the overuse of the word "noir" when a good share of the time the subject matter really is "hardboiled". I know hardboiled when I see it, noir I'm never quite sure … Yet here I am calling this opus "a Noir thriller". By no means am I trying to jump on the Noir Train, it's just that I think in this case it's accurate. Nevertheless, there's bound to be a hardboiled element here, too, because there is in everything I write, no matter the genre.

Mainly, I hope you give STARLESS MIDNIGHT a try. If you do, I think you'll enjoy it.

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