Friday, January 3, 2014

Available Now: (Free on Kindle thru Jan 5) NIGHT SPOOR

This novel, combining elements of a traditional hardboiled crime thriller with vampire lore, is now available Free on Amazon Kindle through Jan 5.
Sales have never been good for this title (originally appearing in 2012) so we're trying to boost interest and get some word of mouth going.
I repeat - for Free. What have you got to lose?
The cover image you're looking at is the vampiress Lenore ... Just look at that beautiful face ... Those mesmerizing eyes ... Those lush lips ... The awaiting fangs ... How can you resist?
I've often said that everything I write is hardboiled. So going up against this fatal femme is a tough, amoral hit man named Pitcairn, who used to think *he* was evil. He finds out about true evil in his first encounter with Lenore, and from there on it is a race for him to stay alive long enough to figure out a way to kill a member of the undead.
Something of a change of pace for me, but one I think you'll enjoy.
Give it a try --- Spread the word!

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