Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Here's a Christmas short story to get you in the holiday spirit. It just went live on Amazon Kindle.

Don't let your guard down, though, and be expecting some White Christmas frivolity or a Dr. Seuss rhyme fest ... This is me, remember? So you ought to know there's going to be a healthy dose of nastiness that's sure to earn somebody a big fat lump of coal in their stocking.
As the sales copy says:
"St. Gregory's was a poor parish in a decaying part of the city.
Nevertheless, Father Maynard maintained the strength of his faith and the conviction that there were still good people in his flock who needed and wanted the word of the Lord in their lives.
But then came the night—the Holiest of nights—when three vicious punks showed up to test the very limits of the priest's faith and convictions … until Father Maynard discovered that an unlikely Savior may reemerge when needed the most."
If you're interested in seeing how it all plays out (and I naturally hope you are) then I urge you to check this out. It's a quick read and one I think you'll enjoy.