Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Available Now: THE DAY AFTER YESTERDAY (Joe Hannibal) - Kindle Version

The sixth Joe Hannibal mystery—first published in 2007 as a hardcover book, and out of print for some time now—has just been released as a Kindle-version eBook.
This is the Hannibal adventure that first brought Joe to Nebraska and turned his life upside down when he ended up having to investigate the murder of his two closest friends in the world while they were vacationing in the Cornhusker State. (Spare me the cracks about what anyone would find vacation-worthy in Nebraska.) Subsequently, in several short stories that have followed and last year's GOSHEN HOLE novel, Hannibal has relocated permanently to west central Nebraska (just like his creator) to run a private security patrol around popular Lake McConaughy. I consider this move a revitalization of the whole series, making Hannibal a less stereotypical PI yet leaving him in a position where his nose for trouble and his investigate skills still get him involved in matters of foul play. 
THE DAY AFTER YESTERDAY also marks the introduction of new regulars the series: primarily Abby Bridger, who becomes Joe's main squeeze; her young son Dusty; and William Thunderbringer; former mercenary and double agent for Homeland Security, now a bounty hunter operating for a fugitive recovery outfit out of nearby Denver.
DAY AFTER sets all of this in place and, in the process, entangles Joe in a case involving murder, betrayal, homegrown terrorists, and a plot to call down a devastating missile strike on U.S. soil.
Priced at only $2.99 you can't afford to miss this one.

Also, speaking of GOSHEN HOLE, which was released as an eBook original at the beginning of the year, for those of you who prefer print copies it is now available in that format. You can access it either at www.joehannibal.com or off the "Wayne D. Dundee at Amazon Books" tab on this site.

Finally, as a little teaser, let me additionally mention that this year marks the 30th anniversary of Joe Hannibal's first appearance in print (Fall 1982 – Spiderweb Magazine – "The Fancy Case"). That makes him one of the longest-running, still active PIs currently on the scene. And, before the year is done, there will be a new Hannibal novel (BLADE OF THE TIGER) and a short story collection featuring a half dozen of his best adventures, including one original and the first-ever reprint of "The Fancy Case".
Like I've mentioned before: Whatever else, Joe and I are a couple of durable old bastards.

That's why I always say …

Persevere — WD

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