Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Noteworthy Reads: BLAZE! BLOODY WYOMING by John Hegenberger

Prolific author John Hegenberger, known prior to this for entertaining mystery thrillers and science fiction, has now entered into the Western genre and his first title is a corker.

This twelfth title in the exciting BLAZE! Adult Western series from creator Stephen Mertz and Rough Edges Press, BLOODY WYOMING is a full-tilt action yarn that throws the husband-wife gunslinger team of Kate and J.D. Blaze into one of their most harrowing adventures.

The cover blurb reads as follows:
All J.D. Blaze wanted to do was celebrate his wife Kate’s birthday, but when you’re the Old West’s only pair of husband-and-wife gunfighters, trouble is never far away. A savage attack and a dangerous injury not only threaten Kate Blaze’s life, she also finds herself a captive of twisted killers and unsure of her own identity. But J.D. will battle with his wits, a pair of rock-hard fists, and a blazing .45 to find Kate and free her before it’s too late!

Without giving too much much away, that sums it up pretty good.
If you like your Westerns fast-paced and chock full of gun-blazing action, you don’t want to miss this one!

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