Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Available Now: TO HELL IN A FAST CAR, edited by John L. French



Fast cars and faster women...Murderers and victims...Serial killers and guns for hire...
Cops on the edge...Crooks on the prowl... Innocents who have had enough...
Fools risking it all. They're all on a road that's been paved with the best - and worst - intentions. There's no stopping, there's no turning back and there's no hope at journey's end.

Featuring the talents of: Michael A. Black, James Chambers, Joy M. Copeland,
Wayne D. Dundee, John L. French, James Grady, C. J. Henderson, Ted Hertel Jr., R. Allen Leider, C. Ellett Logan, Robert J. Mendenhall, Quintin Peterson, KT Pinto, Alan Simon, B. K. Stevens, Patrick Thomas, and Robert E. Waters.

Here is a collection of seventeen exciting, edgy, fast-paced stories of crime and consequences featuring the talents of the writers listed above --- including, I'm proud to say, yours truly.
John French, a fine writer who not only contributes a story to the lineup but also did the editing for this anthology, provides an introduction that says better than I can what you're in store if you take this ride with us:

We’ve all been there. Barreling down the highway of life at 90 miles an hour in a car with no brakes. There’s disaster waiting at the end of the trip but there’s nothing we can do about it but drive and be damned.
Of course there’s someone riding shotgun. It could be the girl or guy who’s no good for us but we can’t or don’t want to see that. Their surface is all we can see and that, along with the memories of hot nights and sweaty sheets, is why we’re driving headlong toward the biggest mistake of our lives. It could be a chance acquaintance with a can’t miss get-rich-quick scheme. It’s probably too good to be true, but the payoff is such that you can’t take the chance of missing out on it. It could just be your best friend who got you behind the wheel with “Hey, you know what would be fun?”
Or you could be driving alone, accompanied only by the ghost of a lover, a friend, a relative or a treasure you once had. Someone took them from you and now you’re looking for payback. You probably won’t survive the trip but neither will anyone else.
Whatever the reason, you’re on what might be the last journey of your life and Hell or worse is waiting for you at the end.
Enjoy the ride.

Come on, hop aboard. There's always room for one more. What're you waiting for?

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