Monday, May 21, 2012


Today on Ron Scheer's excellent blog site, Buddies In The Saddle (, there is a very nice, insightful review of Manhunter's Mountain.

Additionally, Ron included an interview with yours truly. His questions were as thoughtful and insightful as his reviews tend to be (and I mean reviews/commentary in general, not just the one for Manhunters). The Q&A gave me the chance to bloviate a bit and also to promote some of my upcoming work, the earliest of which will be Reckoning At Rainrock, the sequel to last years Dismal River, and again featuring former Indian scout Lone McGantry as its protagonist. It is due out any time now from Oak Tree Press - first in print, eBook soon to follow.

Hope you check out today's post and that you regularly check back on Buddies In The Saddle. It is a very entertaining, well done blog. Ron offers reviews and commentaries on a wide variety of fims and writing, often Western-related. Plus he has a soft spot in his heart for Nebraska (where he was born and raised) - so with "creds" like that, how can you go wrong?

Persevere --- WD

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