Saturday, August 15, 2015


Sherlock Holmes faces perhaps the greatest challenge yet in his long-running war with his arch-enemy Professor Moriarty—the living dead walk, hungry for flesh and doing the bidding of the evil professor!

From a dirigible carrying a deadly cargo high in the sky over London to a sinister castle lurking in the beautiful English countryside, the Great Detective and his friend Dr. Watson battle to thwart Moriarty's latest scheme to wreak havoc and loot one of the world's great cities. Thousands of lives hang in the balance, and it will take all of Holmes' incredible deductive skills to figure out just what a young writer named H.G. Wells and the German teenager Albert Einstein have to do with Moriarty's plans!

Legendary thriller writer Stephen Mertz takes on some of the world's most iconic characters in this fast-paced tale that is part mystery novel, part horror yarn, and part steampunk inventiveness. It's a breathless adventure that's sure to entertain from first page to last! 

WD here: I had the pleasure of reading an ARC copy of this, and enjoyed the heck out of it. Having dabbled a bit in the mystery/detective genre with my own writing, it's probably near-sacrilege to admit, but I've never read many of the classic Holmes stories. I've read enough to know, however, that author Mertz does a fine job of capturing the character and speech patterns of the main characters along with the time period and locale. After establishing that, he quickly (and basically non-stop) stirs in the action, excitement, horrific menace, a handful of subplots, a bit of humor, and plenty of surprise twists. 
Strongly recommended!

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