Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Special Reduced Price for Limited Time: DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH

For a limited time (starting now 9/2/14 thru 9/6/12) I've reduced the price on this, the third and latest entry in the Bodie Kendrick – Bounty Hunter series to only 99 cents! That's a steal, folks, for a full-length, action-packed Western adventure that deserves, in my humble opinion, to reach a wider audience than it has so far.
I am in hopes that this bargain will help turn that around.
Plus, keep in mind that readers who like DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH can also find additional adventures of Bodie already available in HARD TRAIL TO SOCORRO and RIO MATANZA … with the promise of more titles coming in the near future.

Here's what some reviewers have had to say about DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH:

"In a relatively short period of time, Wayne D. Dundee has become one of the best Western writers in the business. DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH is an excellent example of why."  --- James Reasoner

"One thing I liked about DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH is the incorporation of real history that forced me to do a little research … A bit of speculation mixed with history spins out an action packed novel of the old west." --- George R. Johnson

"It's H. Rider Haggard meets Sergio Leone, and Dundee -who has won the Peacemaker Award three years in a row -weaves it together masterfully." --- Troy D. Smith

And here's the sales blurb from Amazon:

Bodie Kendrick wasn't in time to stop the stagecoach from being ambushed, but he did manage to save the lives of the driver and most of the passengers. Among the latter was Amelia Gailwood, a freelance journalist working on "the story of a lifetime." In order to try and make sure her lifetime doesn't end too soon, Kendrick agrees to hire on as her protector while she continues to chase her story. The chase will take them from the gunfire-laced streets of a rowdy mining town, to the smoky mysteries of an opium den, across a punishing desert, and into beautiful but treacherous remote mountains. At the heart of their quest is a legendary gem from the time of Caesar and Cleopatra. But before they can lay claim to it so Amelia will be able to reveal it to the world and tell its fascinating history, they will have to survive betrayal from within and menace from fierce mountain Apaches—all the while eluding pursuit by a pack of hired guns who will stop at nothing to seize the stone for their unscrupulous employer.
Three-time Peacemaker Award-winning author Wayne D. Dundee spins another exciting yarn of grit, gunfire, and gallantry in the Old West! Read DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH and find out why his work continues to win praise and gain followers.

Take advantage of this bargain and get to know Bodie Kendrick.
Then I hope you check out more of his adventures and more exciting books and stories from yours truly.

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