Monday, May 20, 2013

Guest Blogger: John L. French - author of PARADISE DENIED

WD:  John L. French is a very lazy individual who only finds time to be a dedicated family man, work a full time job as a crime scene investigator for a major eastern city, edit a number of highly entertaining crime anthologies, and write novels and stories in a widening span of genres.
Otherwise, I have no idea how he occupies himself.
But here's John himself to fill you in a bit more: 

Hi, I’m John L. French. First of all I’d like to thank Wayne for inviting me to be a guest blogger. It’s somewhat appropriate. I’m a writer (among other things) and I don’t know if Wayne realizes it but he is partly responsible for my being one. Way back in 1985 Wayne started Hardboiled Magazine. It was put out on a copying machine and sold through the mail. It was in its pages that I discovered C. J. Henderson’s Jack Hagee (“What You Pay For” HB #4) and Wayne’s Joe Hannibal. It didn’t take long before I started writing my own PI stories and eventually “Past Sins” showed up in the pages of Hardboiled 13, now edited and published by Gary Lovisi.

That was a little more than 20 years ago and thanks to the help and support of Wayne, Gary, C. J. and others I’ve gotten some books published and even edited a few. Wayne gave me stories for Bad Cop No Donut (his award winning “This Old Star”) and To Hell in a Fast Car (the deserving of an award “Starless Midnight”).

By nature I’m a short story writer, writing crime, pulp, supernatural and lately science fiction – whatever the editors ask for. Given that my paying job is crime scene investigation for an east coast city (I can’t say more because of new rules issued by the department) most of my stories have some kind of crime element in them.

The reason Wayne invited to guest blog is that I have a new book out. It’s a collection of short stories I’ve written over the past twenty years. It’s called Paradise Denied and it’s got crime, superheroes, hitmen, vampires and zombies. Not all in one story although that would be one hell of a tale. Paradise Denied is published by Books of the Dead Press. The publisher has asked me to put the word out about it and knowing that I’m too lazy, er, make that busy, to write a blog myself Wayne was kind enough to help. In order to get people reading, and hopefully buying, Paradise Denied, the publisher has asked me to make it available to those willing to post a review on Amazon. If you’re interested, write to me at and I’ll send you a copy in pdf, mobi or epub.

That’s it. Thanks for your time. Hope to heat from you soon. Wayne, thanks again for having me as a guest.

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