Friday, December 28, 2012


From now (actually started on 12/26) through New Years Day 2013, all titles in the popular Fight Card series are available for 99-cents each.
Tight, tough, action-packed thrillers harking back to the sports pulps of the 30s and 40s, as authored by some of the most exciting writers working today.
Just click on the following link for access to all:
Proud to say that I have a title --- COUNTERPUNCH --- in the mix.
At this price, you can afford to check out all of 'em. You won't be sorry you did.
This fine period mystery by my pal John R. Lindermuth is also available on Kindle for a limited time at the bargain price of 99-cents. I reviewed this when it first came out and if you didn't check it out then, now is the time to correct that oversight. Again, you won't be sorry.
Here's the blurb:

Sylvester Tilghman is the third in his family to serve as sheriff in the small Pennsylvania town of Arahpot, a generally peaceful place as the 19th century winds to a close. His biggest problems are lack of a deputy and the refusal of his girlfriend to marry him despite many proposals.

When Conrad Runkle, a stranger in town, is fatally stabbed Tilghman’s attention is drawn to another party new to town, Valentine Deibert, an obese man with a wife half his age. Tilghman had seen Deibert react with obvious fear in a recent encounter with the stabbing victim. When questioned, Deibert denies knowing or fearing the victim.

Runkle’s wife arrives in Arahpot and informs Tilghman her husband was in pursuit of a man who had scammed him, bankrupting his business. Suspecting a connection, Sylvester pays another visit to Deibert only to discover him dead of arsenic poisoning. Sylvester is plunged into a flurry of unusual activity and danger. And Lydia is pushing her obnoxious cousin on him as a candidate for deputy. Things continue going from bad to worse until Sylvester finally unravels the mystery.


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