Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Noteworthy Reads: New Westerns by Peter Brandvold (Frank Leslie)

Nobody currently on the scene writes more exciting Westerns than Peter Brandvold, who also uses Frank Leslie as the byline on several of his titles. In fact, considering his prolific output and the popularity of his work, it wouldn't be hard to make the case that a big chunk of credit for the resurgence in overall popularity the Western presently seems to be enjoying, could be laid directly at Peter's Rocky Mountain doorstep.

And the best news is that Peter isn't showing any signs of slowing down. If anything, he's gaining momentum by recently firing up Mean Pete Press and turning out his own brand of eBooks featuring backlog titles and several brand new ones. Peter's passion for creating action-packed yarns filled with colorful characters caught up in wild adventures against vividly painted Old West backdrops is unmatched.
You can catch his own colorful observations and general outlook on the world of writing by following his blog at or on his web site at . He's also on Facebook.

In the meantime, here are three of his most recent releases:

This is the first entry in a new series featuring Confederate Army Lt. James Dunn and his loyal friend and fellow Reb, Crosseye Reeves. In this debut, the pair find themselves far from the war-torn Deep South, caught up in the sweep of the boisterous West and then drawn on down to savage Old Mexico. Their goal is a fabled treasure that will change their lives—if they manage to survive—and maybe provide the Confederacy one last chance at its own survival.

BULLET FOR A VIRGIN (Peter Brandvold)
In Peter's own words, this is a "spicy pulp Western" and it lives up to its billing perfectly. This time out the protagonist is one Rio Concho Kid, a half-Apache drifter on the dodge from the law north of the border. Peter loves series characters (as do I) and promises that we will be seeing more of the Kid. In BULLET he comes to the aid of the beautiful Tomasina, who is fleeing an arranged marriage with a savage brute named San Gabriel. Before the Kid can deliver her into the hands of her true love, lots of bullets will fly and the Kid will have a suspenseful final showdown with the bounty hunter sent to return Tomasina—El Leproso, The Leper! This is great, gritty, pulpy entertainment done to perfection.

OLD GUN WOLF (Frank Leslie)
This is taut, atmospheric wilderness suspense reminiscent of Jack London. Wilbur Calhoun is an ex gunfighter seeking to quietly live out the remainder of his days on his mountain ranch in the company of his old dog. The days of blazing guns, robbing trains, fighting Indians, dodging posses … that's all behind him. He thinks. Until one snowy evening when a young U.S. Marshal claiming to be his son shows up to arrest him for the murder of his wife—and the young man's mother—twenty-five years ago back in Tennessee. Before anyone makes it off the mountain, however, there are hard lessons to be taught about the truth not always being what it seems and how it is sometimes best to leave the past dead and buried.

These are prime examples of Brandvold's range and skill.
Take it from me, you are sure to be well entertained by anything with his byline(s) on it.

Persevere — WD

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Richard Prosch said...

Loved OLD GUN WOLF! Pete's got me treadin' water...but one day I'll get caught up!