Friday, March 30, 2012

Available Now - AND FLESH AND BLOOD SO CHEAP on Kindle

Available now - AND FLESH AND BLOOD SO CHEAP on Kindle. This was my fourth Joe Hannibal novel, first published in 2001. It got some decent reviews but really fell between the cracks sales-wise. It was one of my oldest "concepts" for a Hannibal book and I remain pleased and proud of the way it turned out, despite the luke warm reception. I hope it will find the readership I think it deserves now via the eBook market. It is a murder mystery (spiced with conspiracy, betrayal, some internatinal intrigue, plus a healthy dose of sex) played out against the unusual setting of a sountern Wisconsin tourist town. I hope you check it out ... I also would appreciate some "tags" and "likes" on its Amazon page. And if anybody wants to throw up a review (hopefully a positive one), that would be great, too.

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