Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"My Personal West" at Richard Prosch's MERIDIAN BRIDGE

A few months back, I posted mention here (along with an Amazon review) of Richard Prosch's fine collection of Western stories, DEVILS NEST. If you haven't checked it out yet, you owe it to yourself to do so or otherwise you'll be missing some of the grittiest, best written Western fiction to come down the pike any time recently.
Richard also writes powerful crime stories and other fiction. His work has appeared at David Cranmer's Beat To A Pulp e-zine and elsewhere.

In addition to his fiction writing, Richard also does a very entertaining, information web site called Meridian Bridge, which you can access at .
A recurring, expanding feature on the site is a segment called My Personal West where Richard invites current authors writing in the Western genre to provide essays on that topic. As Richard puts it himself:
"My Personal West is a series of essays by some of the best Western writers around. From intimate memories to future objectives, nostalgia to hope, the words written here are reflect an understanding of the western United States not just through history, fiction, and popular culture, but through lives spent working and dreaming there."
A wide range of writers --- James Reasoner, Bill Crider, Larry D. Sweazy, Laurie Powers, Gary Dobbs, Ron Scheer, just to name a few --- have previously provided essays. They are available in an Archived section and are wonderful to read.

Recently, I was honored to be invited by Richard to provide a piece to this impressive collection. It is now being featured on the site and, as stated, it was my honor to participate.
I hope you check it out. And while you are there be sure to peruse all else that is available on the site.

Persevere --- WD

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Ron Scheer said...

Hear, hear. Excellent recommendation. Richard's a real professional; was pleased to be asked to write the intro for his short story collection.