Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guest Blogging Today at KMNBOOKS

I have a guest post up today at Karen Michelle Nutt's blog site. Karen is a fine writer of paranormal/time-travel stories and books. I recently did a review, you may recall, of her highly entertaining time-travel Western, STORM RIDERS.
You can check out her site and view my 10/27/12 post, along with previous October entries, all containing horror-Halloween themes this month, at:

My post relates some quasi-amusing events that resulted from having the crap scared out of me at age 10 after seeing Hammer Films' Horror of Dracula.
But, having endured the fright and subsequent nervous nights, like all writers I took that what did not grind me into hamburger and eventually injected it into my writing. The whole thing eventually played a part in my vampire novel, NIGHT SPOOR, from earlier this year.

I hope you drop over to Karen's blog and check out my post as well as some of the othre features.
If you do and if you're interested, there is even a contest to win a signed copy of NIGHT SPOOR.

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