Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FIGHT CARD Interviews - Part I - Now Up on PULPED!

Tommy Hancock and the good folks at PULPED! have put up the first of the FIGHT CARD interviews.
Part One features an informative conversation with FC founders Paul Bishop and Mel Odom, followed by a segment with yours truly. Then, in weeks to come, there will be additional interviews with Eric Beetner, Kevin Michaels, and more. Be sure to check this out and then check back often to see ongoing features from PULPED!
Just follow the narrative and the links below:

PULPED! The New Pulp Podcast
PULPED! is a Podcast dedicated to the creators and fans of New Pulp! New Pulp, heroic fiction by modern artists written with the sensibility and in the tradition of the Pulp genre! Pulp creators Barry Reese, Derrick Ferguson, Ron Fortier, and Tommy Hancock are the helmsen of this venture and will bring New Pulp discussion, guests, debates, news, and even New Pulp's very own spokesperson, The Pulptress, to PULPED! each week! If you like your fiction heroic, if you seek adventure and action in every word you read, then come on in, take a seat, and get PULPED! PULPED! will post each Monday!
Tommy Hancock beings a multipart saga featuring the Creators, Writers, and Artists behind the New Pulp phenomenon known as FIGHT CARD!  This series of boxing focused Sports Pulp tales was created by veteran writers Paul Bishop and Mel Odom and in the space of a year has taken New Pulp by storm!  Listen as Bishop and Odom talk about the concept, how they put together so many writers, and why people WILL read stories of gloves, rings, punches, and black eyes!  Also Tommy talks to writer Wayne Dundee about his contribution to the series as well as vampires, Private Eyes, and Westerns!  Tune in at least the next two weeks for more FIGHT CARD!  And listen tonight as New Pulp works by David C. Smith, Jeff Deischer, Joe Bonadonna, and Stephen Jared receive special attention!
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