Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Noteworthy Reads: SEX CRIMES - THEN & NOW by Alice Vachss

In an updated volume that features the first SEX CRIMES book published over twenty years ago --- the “then” from this current title --- plus updates and several thousand words of all new material --- the “now” --- this is a fascinating, disturbing, eye-opening book.
If you think you know how the criminal justice system works for prosecuting rape and other sexual abuse crimes from news reports and TV shows … you don’t. This important work by Alice Vachss will set you straight. You won’t like what you learn. It will make you angry, as it should. It also should make you pay closer attention in your area and do everything you can to demand more from your local authorities and prosecutors. The corruption and deal-making that goes on in political systems – large or small – ought not come as any surprise. But when it comes at the expense of justice for those who’ve already suffered unspeakable crimes --- as documented here by case file accounts --- it is appalling and disgusting.
Unfortunately, too few communities and/or cities have anyone like Alice Vachss at work for them.

From the cover blurb:
In an even better than the original spellbinding sequel, Sex Crimes NOW finds Alice Vachss returning to prosecution – this time in a remote rural county. Still the same, she insists to a jury: “I don’t have to prove motive. The motive for rape is rape,” and battles a system hell-bent on freeing a monster.

Highly recommended!

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