Saturday, July 11, 2015

Noteworthy Reads: THE SHOTGUN RIDER by Peter Brandvold

Dag Enberg is a troubled man; a big, tough, rawboned Norwegian whose only claim to pride is that he’s the best damned man riding shotgun guard for Logan Cates’ stage line. Otherwise, he only knows bitterness … the bitterness of his past and its failures, the bitterness of knowing he can’t stay away from the bottle, and the bitterness of being in love with the wrong woman.

But a man like that can only be pushed so far. And if he’s pushed *too* far, all that’s left is for the bitterness to eat its way to self-destruction … or self-discovery of the real truth of what lies at his core.  

This is a tough, action-packed, insightful story of man dragged down nearly to the bottom and then fighting his way back --- for himself, for his family honor, and for the woman he truly loves.

This is one of Mean Pete’s best … and that’s saying a lot.
Strongly recommended!

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