Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Noteworthy Reads: CHASING A DOG STAR - brand new from Richard Prosch

Out today from Painted Pony Books and my pal Richard Prosch. This is the follow-up to CHASING A COMET, and continues the adventures of Jo Harper and her pals --- with more to come, I sincerely hope.
It is billed as YA, but readers of any age will enjoy it, largely due to Prosch's distinct writing style, which I have heralded here before. I had the chance to read this in mss., and the pleasure was all mine.
Here's the Amazon review I put up earlier today:

In this worthy sequel to CHASING A COMET, we are once again in the company of feisty Jo Harper, her loopy pal Frog, and of course the one-eyed, gun-totin' constable of their little Wyoming town, Abby Drake … along with a few other recurring characters we either first met or heard mention of in COMET.

I liked the comfortable feel I got from the characters and the way they're all settled in with one another. Frog comes more into his own (for better or worse, depending on how you look at it) this time around. This amps up the banter between him and Jo and the potential for mischief that they can get in together --- a sort of Tom-Huck feel, and I mean that in a complimentary way. Then, when a sense of danger is injected, it makes even more of an impact.
Abby, of course, remains stalwart throughout.
A wild ride in a horseless carriage is only part of the fun and adventure. With the threat of danger comes a strong mystery element, a pair of bad guys who are by turns cunning and menacing, and then a twisty wrap-up that is very neat indeed.

Though billed as YA, older readers will not come away disappointed, especially with the yarn being told in typical high style via the writing talents of author Prosch.
A fun tale that will give you some thrills and chills, more than a few chuckles, and likely have you feeling a little younger-at-heart, both during and after the reading.

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