Friday, January 6, 2012


(the Cash Laramie/Gideon Miles series)
as written by Wayne D. Dundee

Some months back, when David Cranmer (who, everyone knows, writes the hugely popular Cash Laramie/Gideon Miles short stories under his pen name Edward A. Grainger) asked me if I'd be interested in writing a Cash/Gideon novel, I was both surprised and honored. I'd never considered writing something based on someone else's characters before—mainly, I suppose, because I'd never been asked. It didn't take long, however, for me to decide that I did indeed want to give it a try. Number one, I really liked the characters and the strong foundation that had already been established for them; Number Two, I wanted the experience of writing under a "house name". (Although, in the end, David was very generous in giving me—as well as other writers who have or will be providing titles in the series—prominent credit.)

At any rate, the result of my efforts is MANHUNTER'S MOUNTAIN—available now on Kindle at a very reasonable price. I'm proud and pleased with the way it turned out. More importantly, so is David. As per the following quotes, a number of prominent writers in the Western genre were also kind enough to provide some positive comments. I am immensely grateful to them for their support.

"MANHUNTER'S MOUNTAIN is a fine Western adventure pitting man against man and man against nature. Filled with gritty action and sharply drawn characters, this is one that Western fans won't want to miss." — James Reasoner

"When the bullets start flying, U.S. Marshal Cash Laramie is in his element! A true son of the Old West, Cash delivers justice in a cloud of gunsmoke." — Mel Odom

"Wayne Dundee takes Edward Grainger's Cash Laramie and puts him into a fast-action Western tale that has everything you could ask for: an appealingly tough protagonist, a combustible (literally at first) situation, some low-down villains, a couple of pretty women, and unforgiving weather. Bleak, hardboiled, even funny at times. Check it out."
    Bill Crider

"A fast, hardboiled Western that continues the Cash Laramie legend with swagger and good, solid writing. Wayne Dundee brings his masterful voice to the Western and tells a Cash Laramie story in perfect pitch. MANHUNTER'S MOUNTAIN should be on every Western fiction reader's bookshelf." — Larry D. Sweazy

I can't top that, so I won't try.
I hope anyone reading this will be convinced to give MANHUNTER'S MOUNTAIN a try. I believe you will not be disappointed.

Persevere — WD


Anonymous said...

Any chance of this also on Nook?

Ron Scheer said...

Grrrreat endorsements, bud. Congratulations!

wayne d. dundee said...

Thank you, Ron.

Anonymous - As far as I know at this point, Kindle is the only outlet. I will post notice here if/when I learn otherwise.