Sunday, August 28, 2011


            I recently became part of a group of hardboiled crime/mystery writers calling ourselves the Hardboiled Collective. The formation of this group was the brain child of Dutch mystery writer Jochem Vandersteen. Other members include: Bill Crider, Paul Bishop, Timothy Hallinan, Zoe Sharp, Brian Drake, Mike Tucher, Steve Ulfelder, Matt Hilton, Paul D. Brazil, Tony Black, Bruce DeSilva, Chris Knopf, Keith Gilman, and Jaden D. Terrell. The purpose of this group is to support and help promote each other's works.
            If you aren't familiar with any of these bylines, then I urge you to correct that at your earliest convenience. All are fine writers and I guarantee your reading enjoyment will be increased by seeking out their work. You can find them via Google or Amazon, including Amazon's Listmania: Hardboiled Collective.
            The recent Kindle release of my Joe Hannibal novel , THE SKINTIGHT SHROUD, is currently receiving much-appreciated attention from members of the Hardboiled Collective on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. Timothy Hallinan and Tony Black have also posted interviews with me on their blogs. You can check these out at: (8/28 post) and (8/28 post). Each man has his own interview style so the results are not redundant. I hope you will check them out and find them interesting. Please feel free to leave commentary.

Persevere — WD

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