Friday, June 16, 2017


For those who regularly shop via Amazon and perhaps are unaware, they now offer a very simple yet beneficial way for a portion of any of your purchases to go toward the charity of your choice. 0.5% of every purchase goes toward the designated charity. Costs you nothing yet, in volume, can mean a great deal to the selected cause.

Regular readers of this blog are well aware that I am a friend and supporter of Andrew Vachss --- not just his writing, but the bigger cause that said writing and all he does is aimed toward: The protection of the young and vulnerable who are at risk in so many ways from the predators in today's society.

One of the ways Andrew is fighting this war is his recent alignment with LDICP (Legislative Institute for Child Protection).  The goals of LDICP, in Andrew's own words, are: "To create, upon request, highly specific legislation to accomplish the goals of self-organized, grassroots organizations which intend to achieve a child protective objective. The passage of each piece of legislation is the goal, each time. So: no legislation to “form explanatory groups,” or “fight child abuse” or “raise public awareness.” Examples of what legislation might be requested include: Closing the loophole in the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act that allows non-lawyer volunteers to “represent” children in abuse/neglect cases. Raising the stakes for “circle of trust” crimes. Requiring victim reparations in child pornography cases. Extending the statute of limitations in “vulnerable victims” cases. Establishing a Secure Treatment Unit for “the worst kids in the state” – any state, as the plan would be to construct and operate such an institution as a model, and to allow for independent monitoring and evaluation of its effectiveness. But these are illustrative examples, not suggestions." 

Consequently, I have chosen LDICP as the charity my Amazon purchases will benefit. You can learn more about the organization by following this link:
If you should choose to also select it as something you would like to support via the Amazon Smile program, you can do so through this link:
Whether you choose LDICP or perhaps another charity you feel more strongly about, I encourage you to explore the Smile program. It is a simple, automatic way -- at no cost to you -- to do a lot of good. 

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